Tribes, Places & Ideas

So many great people and organizations lead the values driven investment journey.

Here are a few I turn to again and again.



Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) at the forefront of community economies and local investing. Chalk full of resources and ideas.

Essential Knowledge 4 Transition is a leader in the community investment space. Led by Marco Vangelisti, a former Wall Street money manager and Slow Money founding member, his page is full of resources and opportunities to join with others to learn more about making direct local investments.

Green Omnivore is a burgeoning site dedicated to celebrating the people, groups, businesses, events and ideas, that honor the triple bottom line in mostly Northern California. Designed and curated by Peter Ruddock, you can tune in to hear about California food and investment policy as it’s happening. Often on the steps of our State Capitol!

RSF Social Finance  is an institution dedicated to reimagining money. Check out their investment opportunities and their blog. Their work is a great guide to reconsidering money and the beliefs we hold about our finances.

Slow Food, the granddaddy of the slow movements, is a great resource to understand our food systems, structural change and food policy.

Slow Money, a sister organization to Slow Food, is the place I began my journey to understand impact investment, learn the power of aggregate and find the joy of direct community investing.

Sustainable Economies Law Center a law center with heart and at the heart of it all!  Dedicated to supporting community resilience and grassroots economic empowerment, their legal work is fundamental to the alternative economy.