GCP Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur interested in being part of the Good Capital Projects Family?

Do you have a social enterprise and are you looking for like-minded folks?

You’ve found the right place.

The Right Place!

Likely your business emerged from a love of your craft and a deep respect for people and the planet.

And, you’re drawn to vision for a healthy planet in a complex world.

To make it happen, you’re realizing you sit at an intersection between BAU and a new vision.

You know that sometimes you need a little traditional business advice around business structures and perhaps bringing in resources and investment.

We can help with that!

And when it’s said and done, do you find yourself wishing you might make traditional finance actually bend a little to better aligned with your holistic beliefs?

We can help with that too.

We’ll take those traditional financial answers and mix them a bit with ideas from the alternative economy.

Doing that, we should discover a surprising amount of light and even joy filtering into the tedious work generally resigned to the back office.

Welcome to GCP Entrepreneurs!

(If you’re looking for coaching, check out the GCP Coaching Page for services and opportunities to move you along your path…

…wanting to learn a bit more before you dive in? …there are blog posts designed especially for you under the GCP Entrepreneur category).

Coaching for Social Entrepreneurs

Looking for some one to guide you along the path to entrepreneurship?

Wondering about your business model? (or even if you have one!?)

Let me share with you the experience I’ve gained over the years to help you uncover the social enterprise you know is there.

From questions about making your business financially sustainable to whether you should be a sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation, (or even a business structure you haven’t even considered but fits perfectly with your social mission), let me guide you as you explore the options.

A start up with no money and need some basic coaching?

No problem.

As part of my growth and skill to navigate and curate the waxing and waning of multiple currencies, I’ve been working with the complimentary currency and barter platform called Simbi.

In the Simbi community and marketplace, I offer a series of selected tools we can use to develop your unique social enterprise. Through their implementation you will crystalize your start-up idea and get clarity around your business model. You can find me on Simbi using the blue button.

Ready for more?

I have select coaching practices designed help you develop your social enterprise and hold you accountable to the vision you’ve developed. Whether it’s a single dynamic session or weeks-long accountability coaching, I have a service to support your growth as a social entrepreneur.

I work on a referral basis. If we’ve connected through one of my presentations, you know me through community, or you’ve started your work with the first 10 practices available on Simbi, reach out to me and let’s connect!