Investment Literacy & Ethical Investment

Investment Tracking, Should You?

A mask to demonstrate how our investment tracking might be hiding our most relevant questions.
What’s hiding behind the questions we ask in our Investment tracking?

Investment tracking causing you worry?

Concerned you’re tracking isn’t getting you answers?

Getting answers, but feel like they’re merely cursory?

Or maybe you’re so overwhelmed by meeting tracking expectations that you aren’t even trying?

Are Retirement Funds A Good Place for Ethical Investing?

An extended hand offers an exotic fruit. Like a retirement plan, it can look a bit scary until you see how it might apply to your values.
Moving from scared to curious works for retirement plans as well as exotic food!

For most of us, our savings are in our retirement accounts.

In earlier posts, we’ve been considering options for investments from community-based investment clubs to crowdfunding and investment notes.

How Do We Embrace Risk to Make Change?

Espresso coffee with sweet treats suggest the bittersweetness of risk.
Bitter espresso coffee coupled with a sweet snack suggest the need for balance in risk. Sonora Ortiz ©2013

Next time my friend asks me about the risk of investing in a Slow Money type investment, I promise to counter with asking the risk of not investing.

DPOs: How to Invest Directly in Your Favorite Local Business

Tea Display at the Farmers' Market stands for small businesses who could benefit from a DPO.
Both you and your favorite entrepreneur can stay this side of the law with a DPO! Sonora Ortiz ©2018

As an ethical investor, are you feeling like a maverick as you take back your right to align your investments with your values?

Do you find yourself reacting to the stern advice given by your professional advisors about investments, return, risk, reward, and market volatility?

Capital Ideas: Exploring Permaculture’s 8 Forms

hands cradeling an avocado symbolizes the wealth in the eight forms of capital
Permaculture offers a great framework around capital that let’s us see more than money. Sonora ©2018

I love the taglines from organizations whose values center on relationships.

These organizations know relationships in finance generate more wealth than simple financial capital and transactions create on their own.