Capital Ideas: Exploring Permaculture’s 8 Forms

hands cradeling an avocado symbolizes the wealth in the eight forms of capital
Permaculture offers a great framework around capital that let’s us see more than money. Sonora ©2018

I love the taglines from organizations whose values center on relationships.

These organizations know relationships in finance generate more wealth than simple financial capital and transactions create on their own.

Sustainable Food: Can Ethical Investing Help?

clouds parting for the sun apt metaphor for what happens when sustainable food business fail at the same time.

Beyond and before the tragic nightclub shooting and raging fires, we’ve experienced another, quieter set of calamities befell several sustainable food businesses struggling to find a toehold in our local Southern California landscape.

More Than Money: How I Built Investment Muscle Part III

Cherries -- the word cherries often connotes value. What value does our money bring beyond the investment?
Cherry! — or, investment value that’s more than money ©2018 Sonora Ortiz

In your travels, you might find yourself involved with a moving cause or encounter a dynamic entrepreneur; suddenly you feel compelled to find a way to give money to the cause or the business.

Or, as you dip your toe in the waters of impact investing, a friend asks you to help finance a specific social enterprise. Trusting, you follow their lead to gain your first values aligned investment experience.

A Case Study of Slow Money SoCal: How I Built Investment Muscle Part I

I’ve been exploring risk as part of the work for a future blog post as well as a due diligence project I’m doing with the ek4t Inner Circle.

I think as new investors, we often see financial discipline as  a test for creating “true investments.”

Impact Investing Without Experience: 5 Ways to Start


 A mirror suggests responsibility for impact investing
A serious look at ourselves and the impact industry. © Sonora Ortiz 2013


Folks calling themselves impact investors just aren’t writing checks.

And this is true across the nation (and even across the impact investing industry).

They’re not funding.