Michelle Greenwood

Michelle at a Slow Money event sharing values-driven investment ideas at LA's Innovation Week
LA’s Innovation Week ©2016 Gina Waggener

Are you ready to learn more about investing your money so it creates change, makes a difference and aligns with your values?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I invite you to join me on what promises to be a fulfilling journey to your own financial agency!

My experience to date

My interest in values-driven investment reaches back nearly a decade while I was still a financial advisor.

It was then I noticed everyday folks making a difference in their neighborhoods by using their investment dollars.

I knew I’d found a calling.

Today, nearly a decade later, I’m still captivated by the stories I hear from innovative entrepreneurs. They amaze me with their willingness to sacrifice everything for their impactful visions.

I sit in awe at the number of people in the alternative economy movement who’ve walked away from their highly successful Wall Street careers or taken their gold-plated JDs and MBAs to serve their communities.

These folks demonstrate their lived values.

They inspire me.

Humbled, I call some of these folks my friends.

Along the way, I’ve learned to see financial resources as tools for change. I’ve understood the knowledge I’ve accrued as an advisor and tax preparer can be used to help future new economy investors navigate the old paradigm while positioning for the new. I’ve served in leadership roles for wonderful organizations like the local network of Slow Money and mentored social entrepreneurs as a Kiva Small Business Advisor and CIELO coach. There is much work being done and through the lived experience, new ideas and understandings emerge regularly. To continue to grow my skills and understanding to best serve you at the intersection of Business As Usual (BAU) and a new economy, I continue to take courses that contribute to my understanding of financial due diligence with an eye to the importance of impact as well as participate in many groups doing the hard work to build this emergent new vision for a equitable and healthy economy.

…it all starts with a first step

Good Capital Projects advances these ideas,

these practices,

and this holistic approach.

We’re committed to a regenerative, inclusive economy.

We believe we can teach people to use their resources (financial and otherwise) to support innovative entrepreneurs for a human-scaled economy.

We welcome you on the journey!