Learn Ethical Investing

Are you Curious about a better way to use your money through ethical investing?

Do you want to steward your money so it better reflects your beliefs?

Do you want agency for your financial decisions?

Have you recently come into some wealth and want to manage it for social good, but you don’t know where to start?

Are you an activist interested in money as a tool for your activism?

Do you know of an incredible social project you want to support and you need to go beyond ROI to SROI?

Are you a member of a nonprofit group and you’d like to see your money go further while helping an organization, or the people you serve,  move towards accountability and sustainability?

Do you want to invest so your:

  • Investments and your values to align?
  • Limited resources can still make a difference?

You’ve found the right place.

At Good Capital Projects, we commit to an ethical economy and subscribe to the following principles:

Our Personal Growth 

  • We want our money to align with our personal values.
  • We are confident money can be positioned as a tool for our wise advocacy and an expression of our character
  • We cultivate wisdom and compassion by learning how to deploy our financial resources.
  • We believe the best way to learn is to do it together. 

Our Process to Honor Time

  • We know investor education starts well before we make investments as we develop an intuitive sense for the communities we wish to support.
  • We commit to experiential learning where action and openness combine for a new understanding.
  • We trust in time and its ability to yield deeper understanding about:
    • the world in which we live,
    • the stakeholders we impact

Our Purpose

We aspire to a resilient, healthy environment and a thriving, diverse, human-scaled economy for future generations.

Ready to get Involved? How would you describe your self?